Elizabeth C. McCourt

Leadership Coach & Consultant

"When you feel that you’re about to fail, it might actually be that you’re

about to fly."

"If you don't scare yourself a little bit every day--- you aren't trying very hard."  What's important to you? What is your passion? Where do you see yourself in the future? Whether it's surfing, sports, harnessing a special talent, or going for a new opportunity or job, I can help you reach for your goal, pushing you to achieve what you at first thought might not be possible. 

- Proverb

Co-active coaching is based on the cornerstone that all people are creative, resourceful and whole. We work as a team so that you can achieve your goals and dreams. Together we build an alliance, then come up with a game plan so we can best work to achieve what you desire. I promise to support and challenge you along the way in addition to being your biggest fan!